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Our Mission

Minds in Motion, SA (MM) is an international hospitality and services firm specializing in strategic planning, operations expertise and training. MM is committed to creating value through effectively managing client interests combined with the highest quality of professionalism and best practices.

Our clients maintain full control and are involved in every step of the process.

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Our Services

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Advisory and Strategy

We provide advisory and strategic direction:

  • finance and profitability

  • concept development and branding

  • contract negotiations and expert witness

  • asset management and return on investment

  • human capital and employer branding

  • change management

Operations and

Guest Service

We deliver an action-oriented and hand-on approach to daily operational challenges:

  • service and technical standard operating procedures - SOPs

  • guest experience and quality management - mystery guest program

  • hygiene, health and safety best practices

  • back and front-of-the house space planning and service flow

  • sourcing, selecting, hiring and on-boarding team members

  • inventory, cost control and menu re-engineering to improve popularity with profitability

Training and


We develop and deliver on-the-job, classroom and virtual training:

  • department specific technical standards

  • behavioral training and emotional intelligence skills

  • coaching and inspiring multi/trans-generational teams

  • performance evaluation and constructive feedback

  • leader vs manager

Select Clients

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Minds in Motion, SA and Atelier für Sonderaufgaben are co-founders of the "Zero Real Estate" as well as "Null Stern - the only star is you" brands.

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Null Stern-the only star is  you_Founder

©Patrik Riklin

©Patrik Riklin

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©Schaffhauserland Tourism

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